Mole Valley Music Youth Philip Bishop

Martin Committee Deluxe Trumpet

Martin Committee trumpet. This trumpet was made about 1949 and has the nickel slides an engraving it on the bell as per the Deluxe model.

The trumpet has been over-hauled and the lacquer stripped off, but it was decided not to plate it because of the 'unbelievable' tone.  Condition is good, with just a couple of small patches (one on the lead-pipe, one on the bell bend) and a slight kink in one of the bell braces, but no dents.  Valves and slides are all free and as they should be.

It's free blowing and accepts a lot of air. Tone is very warm and rich, almost cornet like at times, and is very versatile.  I love the sound and I've been using it on a daily basis since I bought it for my teaching.

Price: Sold


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