Mole Valley Music Wedgwood cornet Philip Bishop

Wedgwood Trumpet

I believe this is the last trumpet made by Denis Wedgwood. I've been playing the instrument for the last few years for all sorts of music: orchestra, brass quartet, jazz, big band and it sounds absolutely great. Its really resonant and I've had audience members who know nothing about trumpets come up to me and enthuse about the rich tone it produces.

This instrument is in excellent condition.  The plating is thick without any sign of wear and I couldn't find any dings when I looked.  A great trumpet in pristine condition.

The bell is detachable (for valve alignment) and it comes with two bells (both made by Denis).  Both bells were made by electro-plating onto a bell shaped "mould".  Once the electro-plating is thick enough the bell is removed from the mould and you have a perfect one piece seamless bell ready for fitting and finishing.  The bells are slightly different: one is described as a jazz bell and the other is an orchestral bell.

All the valves are aligned with tiny shims and the trumpet is finished with beautiful lapiz lazula valve caps, which were specially made for the trumpet by an expert stone cutter.

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