Mole Valley Music Alexander Model 92 Vienna Horn (Weiner Horn) Philip Bishop

Alexander Model 92 Vienna Horn (Wiener Horn)

Alexander model 92 Vienna Horn (Wiener Horn)

This is an Alexander Model 92 Vienna Horn (Wiener Horn). The horn is in very good condition and has a very nice Vienna horn sound.  Whilst I have owned it, it has been played by a number of people who have all commented how well it plays and how good the response is compared to other Vienna horns they have played.

It comes with a semi-tone coupler, which puts the instrument down in to E.  In addition there is an extra first valve slide (see picture: the slide fitted in the horn has semi-circular end, whilst the separate slide has more of a circular end); players can use whichever slide they prefer (the difference is small!).

The horn comes with a grey plastic hard case, but does not include the mouthpiece shown.  It is strongly recommended that the instrument is played with a Vienna horn mouthpeice in order to get the correct sound and playing experience.

Price: SOLD

Alexander Model 92 Vienna Horn (Wiener Horn)

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